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On behalf of Hcfwesker, our fellow friend & owner of this great forum.....I welcome you to our SSBB Domain Wikipedia! Here you can read up on all of our many active Brawlers and get to learn more about them. In addition to that, each will give a very solid background on their history here at the Domain and perhaps on other forums & websites. In addition to Brawler profiles, you will soon find a section devoted to our Podcasts that will explain each episode in a brief paragraph.

- JustJohn83 (SSBB Retired Moderator)


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So you're sitting here, STILL lacking a page here like the other 2+ Brawlers as of November 10, 2009? Well then, just type your name here, make sure to add [[Category:Brawlers]] to the end and you're good to go!

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